Cleaning Service

Wood floor cleaning products are excellent for day-to-day cleaning, but regular use can leave behind residue creating a dull and inconsistent appearance. Our professional deep cleaning service will remove dirt and residue restoring your floors to their natural shine. Perfect for large events or holiday hosting, our hassle-free, affordable service will make your floors the talk of the gathering.  Clients who used our professional cleaning service experienced:
  • Natural shine revealed
  • Floor longevity increased
  • Dirt & residue decreased
  • Floor “charater” accented
  • 1-day Service
  • Friendly employees (No Subcontractors)
Recommendations: Best for removing cleaning product residue and other floor antagonists. Consider every 6-8 months.  Many clients time their cleanings around holiday and large event gatherings.

If you would like additional information or do not know which service is best for your wood floor please call 918.630.3900 and allow us to assist you.
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