Negative Air Machine

While installing or re-finishing your floor we utilize a Negative Air Machine, the HEPA 500 to circulate and clean the air removing dust and chemical vapors from your home. It filters out 70% of dust and significantly reduces odors from stain and polyeurethane. The HEPA 500 uses an efficient mix of airflow and filtration to create cleaner air. The units maximum 500 CFM motor draws air into two types of filters, a pre-filter which captures the larger particles while the HEPA filter captures the finer particles down to 0.3 microns. What makes the Dri-Eaz defend Air HEPA 500 unique is its (CADR) clean air delivery rate. The CADR of the HEPA 500 has the capability to circulate and filter a room’s air two to three times an hour.
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